In unserem FAQ beantworten wir einige wichtige Fragen. Sollten Sie weitere Fragen haben, freuen wir uns über eine Nachricht Kontaktformular. 

#How do we roast?
Every coffee has its own profile and every roast takes its time to be developed perfectly.
We roast on a classic drum roast machine using state of the art software to ensure consistency. 

#Where do we roast?
We collaborate with a local roastery where we rent the machine and space for production. 

#when do we roast?

We roast every other week. All orders received upon the next production date will be shipped immediatetly.  

#where do the coffees come from?
We source our coffees through specialized importers and traders. The decisive factor is the quality of the beans, the traceability and of course ans most important that the coffee thrives in harmony with man and nature. 

#are the coffees fair trade and organic certified?
The coffees offered here are produced by smallholder producers. They usually refrain from the use of pesticides and use organic fertilizers, which are often produced among other things from the residue of coffee production. 

Many producers are either unable to meet the cost of certification or are grouped in certified cooperatives. 

We deliberately refrain from certifications because the cost and benefits are not in a considerable balance in regards of the efforts it take to achieve these certifications. 
Though we prefer to use coffees that were produced under sustainable and ethical aspects to provide a high return to the origin where the profit is mainly needed to sustain coffee production in a long term. 

#do you do direct trade?
Direct trade has become a known sentence however it is not a protected term so anybody can claim their coffee is directly traded although it comes from another importer. 

In our understanding a direct trade means the handling of the entire chain of trade and logistics on our own risk.

In addition it requires an intensive and direct contact with the producers in origin which requires resources in regards of financing and certainly time. 

However we strive for transparent and ethical production and value those aspects as much as we are into good quality. 

#when do i receive my coffee?
Depending on availability your order will be either shipped immediately or roasted on the next roast date and send out the following days. 

#how is it sent?
We sent your order with DHL directly to your door which normally takes 2-3 days. 

#where can i buy the coffee?
At the moment you can only order our coffee from the online shop.
If you would like to have a subscription or want to retail our coffees please contact us

#why don't you have a coffeebar / roastery?
Metropol Kaffee is a micro roasting concept. Our ambition is to provide excellent coffees while we keep things as simple as possible. 

#can I get a Subscription?
We are now offereing subscriptions you can have fresh roasted beans every week cancelled at any time, sent by post or pick them up from our sales point 's Fachl , please contact us by phone or email for prices and amounts.