Esther Chávez, Mitglied von Café Orgánico Marcala

Esther Chávez, Mitglied von Café Orgánico Marcala

Producer Facts: 

  • Producer: Esther Chavez & José  Pompilio Pérez
  • Farm: Buena Mirada
  • Elevation: 1.200 MASL
  • Variety: Bourbon, Lempira, Ihcafe 90 
  • Process: Washed
  • Harvest: 2017/18
  • Cupping Score: 84 Points (SCA)

Esther has been a member of COMSA CAFÉ ORGÁNICO MARCALA since 2005 and bought her farm with her husband José  Pompilio Pérez in 2010. They spent years apart so they could save enough money for the location they wanted and began to change to entirely organic plants in 2013.  They have been replanting since then.
COMSA is a small farmer cooperative consisting of around 1500 farms of which approximately 370 belong to woman stemming from the Lenca people. The cooperative shares and provides knowledge on growing organic coffee and focuses its production on the use of biological dungers providing information and teaching its methods at a cooperative supported school.



About the coffee

We sourced this coffee through our long term partner Gerrit Höllmann from Guancasco Import. 
Gerrit just recently visited Esther and her family on their farm where the fresh crop for the 2018/19 season is currently being harvested. We are curious to try samples as soon as they are here! 
Until then we are happy to have purchased one bag, 69 kg of this totally organically produced coffee from last season which makes an excellent single - origin filter coffee. 

The coffee represents the origin and the region perfectly. Its smooth character comes with a wonderful taste of red apple, raisins and a milk chocolaty flavour.  Its very well balanced, clean and also has a nice smooth body.  We think this coffee is for the everyday use meanwhile it is directly sourced and comes from a small holder farm which is dedicated to sustainable, organic and quality focused production. 
Well we can write a romance but you must try it yourself because even long after drinking it the taste and enjoyment remains.



  • Aeropress
  • Hand Filter
  • Bodum / French Press 


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